Home Design Ideas to Achieve a Summer-Inspired Home

People young and old have the heart for summer, mainly because it is the most playful time of the year. So it is just right that you bring it into your home, as despite the changing seasons, you will still feel its bright and cheery ambiance.

A lot of homeowners today are looking forward to having a summer-inspired design in their residences, not just because of the style itself, but also of its functionality especially in terms of lighting and space utilisation. So, if you are thinking of having a summer home design in your own place, then here are some ideas to check out:

  1. Make use of light, bright colours.

Your colour palette plays a crucial role in a summer home design, mainly because summer is all about bright, natural, and refreshing shades. You may want to use these colours on your home, in particular those that reflect light around the house. Among the colours that represent summer are blue, green, and yellow, the same as the sea, trees, and the sun.

However, if you are not a fan of bold colours such as the ones mentioned, you may opt for white. Not only does it represent summer too, but it also works best in utilising the natural light inside the house.

  1. Switch to wood and earthenware.

Another aspect in a summer home design is the material used in the interiors. You may want to switch to wood and earthenware materials, not just because they add to the aesthetic value of your home, but because they help utilise space. Wooden furniture leaves more room in the house compared to upholstered types, while earthenware pieces contribute to consistency of lines and textures in the different areas of the home.

Wood and earthenware pieces also tend to be minimalist in their own way. Their plain and simple approach allow more room for freedom of movement, which is essential in a summer home.

  1. Go for verticals.

Summer is the season for growth, so it is recommended that you go for lines and patterns that go upward. These include the use of high curtains lighting installations, so as to give a brighter and taller effect on your ceilings and walls.

Vertical lines also create a balance of light distribution across the house, especially when you are dealing with natural light entering your indoor space. They help redirect the light coming in to be focused at a certain part of the room without resulting to a gloomy vibe.

  1. Use natural items for accents.

Lastly, if you want to spruce up your home with a summer vibe, then you may start by adding plants as accents, instead of the usual figurines or plastic flowers. Plants not only provide a healthy and organic vibe in the house, but they also help establish a refreshing indoor environment. You can also use them to maintain consistency of lines, textures, and patterns on the walls and floors.

If you cannot afford to bring indoor plants right away, you can start with fresh blooms or succulents as centrepieces or accents in specific parts of your home.


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