Best Indian Lunch Box Recipes for 3 Year Old

Food is the soul of our life. Especially, we, in India, value and cherish our food a lot. In India, the variety of food we get is enormous. Special emphasis is laid on different styles of cooking and ages of consumers. For example, generally the spices in our food are toned down for older people. Many healthy millets and proteins are mashed to be easily consumed by young kids. From north to south, east to west, the food pattern, quality, ingredients and spices in India are so diverse and different. 

All the home-makers in India cannot be thanked enough for making special efforts to cook special food almost three to four times a day. Especially for the school going kids, innovation with their lunch box food is very important for them to finish their food in school. Many kids who are around 3-4 years old are only fond of playing and refuse to eat food in school. Hence, home makers need to be creative with such Indian lunch box recipes for 3 yr old.  Here are some of the interesting recipes:

Idli: This south Indian delicacy is not only amazing in taste but also very light on the stomach of your 3 year old daughter/son. Idli can be made from different ingredients to make it healthier. The most basic one is of course the idli that is made from rice. The healthier options are to make either sooji or oats idli. You can pair them with delicious chutney!

Paratha: This is a sort of staple breakfast in many Indian households. However, for a lunch box, one should prefer the lighter kind of Parathas. While in breakfast we make parathas of potatos or cauliflower, lunch box can have mixed vegetables or even some lighter vegetables like beetroot. Being easy and hassle-free to eat, parathas are one of the best Indian lunch box recipes for 3 yr old. 

Upma: Healthy, tasty and filling, upma is the best combination of all the three characteristics. It comes with the goodness of sooji and vegetables, which makes it very healthy. Children love it and so do adults. Upma is one of the best lunch box foods one can make. With sooji being quite heavy on the tummy, the children will easily be set for the whole day after lunch. 

Pulav: Kids love to eat rice variations. Be it a pulav or a flavored rice like coriander rice or tomato rice, kids love eating rice in the afternoon as it soothes their tummy. With the goodness of vegetables and extremely pungent flavors, pulav can be a great recipe for your kids’ lunch boxes.

Preparing variety of food can be challenging and at the same time rewarding as well. Making sure that your kids eat well is very important for their growth. With these Indian lunch box recipes for 3 yr old, be sure that your kid won’t be fussy about food anymore!    


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